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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Pervasive Harrassment of Women

Sadly, we will do anything to avoid talking about the public harassment of women.  It seems that no one really talks about men who touch women's genitals in public.  Until we all heard Donald Trump brag that he does it all the time and no one says anything about it at all.  Now we hear about it all the time, that now that he is the president elect that it appears that some men think this makes it okay to invade women's genitals.  And to talk about them sexually when they don't even know them.In the wake of Trump's recorded behavior, I have asked a lot of people if it has happened to them.  Well, it turns out that is true of a lot of women and they really pretty much don't talk about it.  It isn't only that he is rich and famous and powerful.  It appears that the casual and intrusive touching of women goes on silently, and many men feel they can do it.  So can something good come out of all this?  Can we now start talking about it, calling men out when they do it, and get some public support for the effort?  Because we are rapidly devolving and it is up to each and every one of us to prevent it from going further. 

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