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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Boss (2016)

Melissa McCarthy is someone who I pretty reliably find to be funny, even when the movie she is in is only so so.  This is definitely one that could have been skipped, but was alright to watch on a week night during exam period, when truly deep films that you have to concentrate on are not welcome.  She plays a natural born sales woman with a touch of the con artist in her.  She is just released from a short prison term as the film opens and since she had conned quite a number of friends and people who worked for her, who were suddenly out of a job and a lot of money, she is not too popular.  She gets taken in by her former assistant, whose daughter takes a liking to her, and then she proceeds to take advantage.  It is like she can't help it.  Up until when she can, and it does end well.  Very diverting.

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