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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Home for the Holidays

We have been very blessed with having our family more or less around us at the holidays, and while it is increasingly difficult to accomplish that, the same was true this year.  Two sons now live farther away but my parents have moved to town, so the house can still accommodate out of town guests, and there are other options in town as well.  Why does it even matter to me?  I think there is a lot about Christmas that has nothing to do with religion.  For example, many of the symbols and ceremonies are secular, stemming more from the Winter Solstice than from religious institutions.  And acknowledging the seasons is something that I really am all about.  The other is that it is a time when everyone can be together without a huge amount of difficulty.  Some businesses shut down altogether and most do not conduct much in the way that is meaningful because there are so many people gone.  So I revel in the company of those that I am close to, having big festive meals and enjoying what the season has to offer.

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