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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Palazzo Altemps Museum, Rome

 First and foremost, this is an incredible building.  We went to see the sculpture pictured below, but the house itself was absolutely worth seeing.  The thing that it brought home for me was that this was every day life for the elite of Rome back in the day.  They were surrounded by this beauty on a daily basis, and even the general public had access to art because of all the public buildings that had ample art on display.  This would be a good place to get the Architectural pass, which would get you into the Roman Forum and the Colosseum without a line.
My favorite sculpture was without doubt this one of a Gaul killing himself rather than be captured.  The Romans valued the worthy foe, and this piece is all about a soldier killing himself and his wife rather than to be enslaved.  The rendering of the wife as lifeless and he about to die is absolutely fantastic, and you can walk around the whole piece, which allows you to see it from many angles, each of which show off a slightly different point of view.

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