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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

In the Heart of the Sea (2016)

This seemed like an intense movie, and for that reason we had it on our shelf for quite some time before we managed to watch it, and that, it turns out, was a mistake.  I do get why this Ron Howard epic was a bomb at the box office, because I swear, we had this movie since September, and there never seemed to be a good time to watch it.  So I really suggest that on one of the holiday weekends that occurs over the next couple of months that you consider watching this wonderful retelling of the Moby Dick story.
This is a very good sea adventure movie in and of itself, one that is about whalers but is in fact very sympathetic to whales.  The whaling industry is waning and so are the abundant whale populations that were hunted and harvested for their oil.  It seems that there is always a time when an old form of income for the middle class is waning and another is rising.  Now we have steel manufacturing and the coal industry.  Then it was whaling.  This rendition of the story of Moby Dick, which is told from the perspective of the tale that inspired the book rather than the events of the book itself, is very well done and gripping to watch.

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