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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Money Monster (2016)

I was a bit worried about this movie after watching the trailers.
  In the end, it was very well done, and entertaining.  George Clooney plays a self-centered obnoxious cable TV host of a financial advice show, where he does everything big.  The recommendations are no fail, the mistakes of others are unforgivably stupid, and everyone exists to please him.  What's not to like?  Pretty much everything.  His producer is played by Julia Roberts and she is in contrast everything that you would want in a co-worker, including that she sticks with you to the bitter end.
Clooney gets taken hostage on national TV, and is being held accountable for a bad tip that he gave.  As the crew look into the allegations of wrong doing, they begin to feel that there really was something fishy about a company that seemed like a sure fire thing tanking over a matter of hours.  The script is smart and funny and you even manage to like Clooney by the end.  Watch for entertainment, not to think too much.

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