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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Maccheroni Restaurant, Rome

 This restaurant was a short (and flat) walk from our apartment, and recommended by a friend.  Such a nice place, in a  low key sense.  the pasta dishes are the stars.  We had the Roman signature pasta dish, which is cacio e pepi.  The ingredients are very simple and include pecorino romano, black pepper,  nd stirred in pasta water to make a creamy sauce.  Sounds straight forward, but the devil is in the details.  Mixing in the pasta water needs to be done into a warmed bowl and slowly so as to get just the right consistency.
The results are worth it.  My favorite dish was the ravioli with zucchini flower sauce.  So rich!  Our son who ordered this was very unhappy about the prospects of having to share it, so we had to order another one.  The pasta with truffles was also quite good and the salads are delicious.  Skip the house wine and order something a little bit better, it was worth it. The service is swift and the wait staff were a lot of fun to interact with.  A great choice.

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