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Friday, December 2, 2016

Hole in the Wall (2015)

This is maybe a little bit too much of an independent film to be absolutely entertaining, but it is a good concept that is competently conveyed.  The story is about an immigrant who has a wonderful salsa that he has brought from his homeland.  He and his sister come to the United States and open a small tacqueria that has a loyal following.  He dreams of expanding it, making something of himself through his food and his passion for flavor.  He stumbles a bit along the way, he is subverted, he makes some friends, he has a little bit of luck, and he works very hard.  He is honest and likable and not everyone is.  I feel that the basis of this is a pro-immigrant story, about what we have as a result of our immigrant culture that other places lack, and what may be undergoing a bit of undue criticism.  So in a way this is a perspective that can maybe be part of the solution.  Or maybe it is just about a guy trying to make his way.

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