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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (2015)

The best reason to see this movie is that you love "Before Sunrise" and want to see something just like it.  Or you love Hong Kong, and want to watch two people roam its streets so that you can remind yourself of what you love about it.  Never having been to Hong Kong, it made me want to go--what is not to love about sketchy neighborhoods, lots of neon, and great dim sum?
The story is a random meeting between two people, a night together that reveals a special connection, and then the revelation that one of them is currently involved with someone else.  The end, until they have a chance meeting again a year later.  They are both involved with other people, but the conversation revolves around the things that they easily have with each other that they lack with their significant other.  The story is an old one, but the back drop of Hong Kong made it nice for me.  Tourism without leaving home.

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