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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Trumbo (2015)

This is a movie set in the time of blacklisting of communists in the motion picture industry.  The contention as I understand it was that movies were powerful tools that could be used for subversive purposes, and so it was up to Congress to interrogate, ban, and jail those who had ties to the Communist Party.  Trumbo was one such man, and he refused to comply with them, and he went to jail.  When he finally got out of jail he was unable to write under his own name, and so he wrote first under the name of someone who sold the script as his, which was Roman Holiday.  He then wrote under an assumed name, and won another Academy Award for The Brave One.  He was finally awarded the Academy Awards in his name years later.  The thing that I really like about this adaptation of his life story is that he comes off as a good guy, and his wife as a faithful supporter who kept their family together and never encouraged his to cave to the prevailing talk of the time.  Others did not come off quite so well, and it is an enjoyable way to revisit that time in history.

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