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Friday, July 15, 2016

Grandma (2016)

Lily Tomplin, a 76 year old lesbian, plays Elle, a 70 something lesbian who is a bit of a grouch but none-the-less willing to help someone in need.  The movie opens with her breaking up with a beautiful, much younger woman who is definitely not interested in ending the relationship.
Elle’s curly-headed,  granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) shows up unexpectedly at her door. Sage is in a  predicament: pregnant, broke, and scheduled to have an abortion in about eight hours. Why Sage hasn’t gone to her own mom, from whom Elle is more-or-less estranged, why Elle herself only has about forty bucks available at the moment, why Elle and Sage set out in a perhaps-not-impeccably maintained vintage Dodge: all these are questions answered in ways that are best actually seen, rather than described.  The movie is wise and funny and bitter and very occasionally sweet.  It is also sparse and the acting matches the equally well written script to a tee.  This is good stuff that will make you think a bit.

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