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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Innocents and Others by Dana

This is an unusual book, which I read because it was on the New York Times Notable Books list for 2015.  The thing that is best about it, besides its quirky characters and interesting storytelling style, is that you can really imagine these people.  Sometimes I love a book, but I can't picture the reality of the characters--not so in this book.  The thing that is most challenging about reading the book is that the relationships between the major characters is a bit obscure, and can be hard to follow the meaning of the interactions described.  The real strength of the book is the friendship between two filmmakers.
The is best at describing the relationship of Meadow and Carrie, the serious documentarian and the Hollywood hit maker. Working in the tight space of this relatively slim novel, the author explores the remarkable species of sisterhood that survives jealousy and disappointment and even years of neglect. The tension between artistic purity and commercial popularity may tax their affection, but nothing can blot out their shared history, their abiding devotion, the great wonder that is a true friend.

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