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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Before We Go (2015)

Amazingly I have watched two movies this week that remind me of "Before Sunset", and both of them are streaming on Netflix.  Two people meet by chance and spend the night wandering around the city, in this one it is New York City, and get to know each other.  The introduction in this film takes place in the train station.  Brooke has just had her purse stolen and missed her train, so she is stuck in the city with little in the way of resources--oh, and her phone broke as well.  Nick is in the train station playing trumpet and he takes her under his marginally improved over her wing.  She has nothing and he has only a little bit more, so they spend the evening trying to raise the cash to get her home.  Why the urgency?  She has left a vitriolic letter to her spouse about his affair, and on second thought she wants to recant, and she needs to beat him home, so that he won't read it.  Well, this is not compelling to me as a driver of the plot, but despite that I enjoyed the movie.  It is light but not painful, and a pleasant diversion.

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