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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back from Bald

This is going to make me seen unintelligent, but here goes.  I never really thought about what happens after you are bald.  Really?  I could point out that I was worried about more life or death circumstances, and while that is very true, and I had a real brush with being desperately ill, that is not really what happened.
I just didn't really think it through, that if all my hair fell out that it would be a very long time indeed until it was long again.  Now that my hair is just barely beginning to grown back I have decided that it is time to cope with that.  Off with the hat, time to get used to being a little bit punk in my appearance.  After all, how short is too short?  It is going to be very short for a long time to come, and let's face it.  Summer is here and the time for wearing a cap all the time has passed from a comfort stand point.
I hate when I discover that I have not anticipated very obvious things that I am going to have to face, but there it is, it happened again.  Probably not the last time for that either.


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  2. Wally:
    Dear Cathy,
    Punk did not come to my mind when I saw you recently and certainly did not in viewing this accompanying portrait.
    But upon ruminating on the word and the movement I find your choice is, as ususal, startlingly apt.
    Your look had been well in keeping with your persona- voluble, expansive, far-ranging, and a veritable font of generosity of spirit. Now,neither mohawked, nor pierced, your appearance embodies elegance. Spare, pared down, concentrated, distilled, essential. And though seeing this photo, I envisage you in a white gallery, contemplating paintings, I also, with your help, get the punk aesthetic of stripping away the embellishments, the fluff, in search of the core. As always though, in any iteration, we see you looking kindly out the windows of your, W.

  3. I am still heavily in favor of dying it pink or purple