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Thursday, July 21, 2016

East Side Sushi (2014)

A fantastic Mexican cook finds work in a traditional Japanese restaurant and not only does she create her own fusion version of sushi, she gains the respect of the restaurant owner, who is a traditionalist (meaning that he does not like her because she is a woman and because she is not Asian).  This movie is a gentle reminder that prejudice, where ever you find it, is never a good thing.  Juana is held back from her dream of being a chef by both her gender and her ethnic background.  At one point in the movie she says that Latinos have been working in the back at restaurants for decades making the people in the front look good and getting neither credit nor adequate compensation for their considerable skills.
So there is that.  It is done in a light and entertaining manner.  The other component that I liked about this is that it is about food.  My youngest son likened it to 'Ramen Girl', which I also liked, and also revolved around traditional Japanese cuisine being created by a non-native.  The movie did make me want to hone some cooking skills, an added bonus.

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