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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Whites by Richard Price

I am not sure why an author would write under an acknowledged pseudonym, but such is the case here.  I am not familiar with the author (so if he is trying to protect his brand, he failed with me, because as far as I am concerned he doesn't have a brand), and read this because it was on the New York Times 2015 Notable Books list, something that I haven't spent much time going over up until recently.  It is part complicated social situations and part police procedural with an emphasis on the former, and since I like both genres, I very much enjoyed it.
The book uses the life of police officers in general and of one in particular to explore issues around job, family, and life in general.  Billy Graves feels that his family is being threatened by an old and unknown foe.  He has a wife, two boys, and his father, a retired cop, living with him and the way the story unfolds and wraps more people into it is well done and well written.  Much better than your usual murder mystery but maybe not appealing to those who don't have an interest in the world of cops and robbers.

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