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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Doodling Paisley Quilting

I have been machine quilting for many years (thirty years to be exact), but I have never taken a class in it.  Not once.  So when I took one recently, I was amazed by how much I absolutely love this stitch.  It is called the paisley stitch, and you kind of meander around in a very controlled kind of way, and end up with these lovely swirls.
I knew that I needed some guidance to make any progress in this arena, but I didn't really have a sense of how far behind I was.  Not only have I not been in a quilt guild for many years, but I haven't kept up with who is who in the quilting world.  The class was more about figuring out what I did not know and how I was going to try to move forward.  So hard, sobering, and a little bit of excitement.

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