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Monday, May 22, 2017

Why Him? (2016)

James Franco is so good as the very undesirable appearing tech millionaire boyfriend.  At its core, this is a silly movie, with an overabundance of potty mouth and highly sexualized views of women.  Which is not really my cup of tea.  But there are some really good points driven home here that are worth paying attention to, especially if you are of an age where you might have offspring who might in fact bring home someone who is not exactly who you visualized your child ending up with.  I myself have tried to stay completely out of that game, and truthfully, my kids bear a greater resemblance to the James Franco character (minus the misogyny, of course, and the pervasively sexual art works) than anyone they have brought home on a regular basis.  This is a good lesson on keeping an open mind, and trying to find the point of attraction for someone that your 20-something falls in love with.  That is past the stage of high school crushes and into the realm of this could be the one.  If none of that applies, it is a light movie that probably shouldn't be watched with the family, but is good for a plane ride (where I saw it), or equally low intellectual energy times.

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