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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Xintiandi, Shanghai

This is the neighborhood in Shanghai where you could be anywhere.  It is the neighborhood of international shopping stores that you would see in Madrid or New York, and for that it is altogether bland.  It is the one place that we paused in all the time I was in Shanghai to watch people on the street, and for that it was quite memorable.  We paused in the day across the street
 from a very popular bubble tea shop (there was outdoor seating on the street that did not require being a customer in any of the shops, which was both surprising and a welcome treat), and just watched the world go by.  The neighborhood is populated by well dressed, fashionable people who could also be from anywhere in the world.  China is the rising star, and you don't have to spend very much time there to be impressed both with what they have done and how swiftly it is all changing.

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