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Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Parenthood Path

Today is the day that we celebrate the upcoming birth of my eldest son's baby.  I have spent most of my time thinking about this event focused on what I should make for it (and yes, that has been going very well), but now, as the event rolls nearer, it is actually time to think about what this means for all of us.
First and foremost, it makes me think of when we brought our first child home.  We were so bad at it!  We couldn't even hold the baby right, much less figure out what it was he wanted.  Which we were clearly doing badly because of the amount he cried.  Once we got a couple of weeks into it, we improved and he was more accustomed to being out of his warm wet previous environment, we settled into the sleep deprived haze that characterizes becoming a new parent.  It was never that way again (well, all the babies cried, and one of them more than the first, but I never felt as helpless as I did with my first).
And then there is becoming a grandparent.  I really liked what someone said to me the other day.  Her grandfather was excited about her being born, but he wasn't excited about being a grandfather--so he had her call him by his first name.  Which she did and still does.  So that is the route I am going to go.

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