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Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Month of May

While it is true that I too was born in the month of May, the first birthday we celebrate in May in my family is my husband's sister's.  My sister in law (pictured here with my second son) is one of the most generous of spirit people that I know.  I do not get how she does it, but it is a thing of beauty to behold.  When people toss mean spirited things at her, they just slide off.  It is not that she doesn't notice or that she doesn't care.  She is just able to let go of it in a way that is really enviable.
This year I got to spend more time with her than I have since the year that she lived with us for a month, which was literally three decades ago. We ventured to Shanghai around the time of the Spring Festival.  We were shepherded around by her son, my nephew, otherwise we would have been in difficult straights, but at no point did I really worry.  We were in good spirits, we could navigate the subway, and we were able to really enjoy the place and the foreignness.  Perfect, all in all.  So it is fitting to spend a little time talking about her on this day, her birthday. 

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