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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Passengers (2016)

This movie was nominated in two categories--Best Original Musical Score, and Production Design.  It did not win in wither category, but in an effort to watch every movie nominated, this was on my list.  I do love Jennifer Lawrence, so there is that.  Unfortunately, neither of these attributes can carry this movie, which is just kind of creepy at it's inception.  Chris Pratt's character accidentally wakes up from his induced slumber 90 years too early.  He was hibernating, along with 5,000 other passengers, on a ship that is taking them to a new planet to populate a new civilization, but 30 years in he wakes up.  So no new planet, and living the rest of your life alone.  Well, he does that for a year, and then he decides to wake up a passenger to play house with him.  No, he does not wake up someone with the technical skills to possible do something about their situation, but instead wakes up what has to be the hottest girl on the ship.  So very creepy.  And it really doesn't recover from that low, even though it attempts to.

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