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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pushing Sixty

Here I am, pictured at a life changing moment for my brother.When he was six and I was fourteen we got a chance to sit in part of the Alaska pipeline and now he lives there, and has for a couple of decades now.  I feel like there have been quite a few life changing pinch points in my life and one of them is having cancer.
I always took it for granted that I would have time after my retirement.  That I could do more of the things that I love once I didn't have to spend a third of the day at my place of work.  Having cancer changed all that and it wasn't even a given (and really, still isn't) that I would get out of my fifties.  Yikes, that really sounds young to me.  So in a lot of ways it feels pretty good to be nearing sixty.  I am thankful to be alive.
When I turned fifty, I realized that I really needed to start doing the things that I wanted to do in retirement more if I expected to be any good at them when I had more time.  That is why I started this blog, I wanted to write more.  This past year I have really gotten back into quilting in a big way.  The way I was 20 years ago, but with a better sense of what I need in order to maintain the momentum that I have.  So today it feels good to have a birthday.

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