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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Paquime Pottery (1100-1450 CE)

I really love this pottery that hails from the archeological excavation at Casas Grandes.  Above is the jar stretched out so that you can see the plumed snake biting the tail of the macaw headed snake, who in turn is about to bite the tail of the plumed snake.  The era that it represents is the Ramos polychrome era, which is most likely influenced by Mesoamerican rather than North American native tribes, but to my eye looks like some Acoma pottery that we have.  I love the colors, mostly black on white with some roan coloring to make it more colorful.  I love the fantastical beasts who are identifiable as snakes but also improbable.  I also love that people a thousand years ago made things this beautiful.  So here we are, back to some art very week or so.

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