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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Earth in Human Hands by David Grinspoon

There is an awful lot to be learned from reading this book, and while I know the author, and would have read it in any case, I am highly recommending it to people who have not read it.
The thing that I like most about it is something that is also true of the author in general.  It is optimistic.  The evidence for climate change is overwhelming and long standing.  It goes back literally a century or more.  So he doesn't engage with those who want to go down that rabbit hole.  It is all about how to address where we are and how to move forward, and he does this from the viewpoint of a planetary scientist. 
I liked the perspective of climate on planets over the time that we can study them, and the valuable information that we have from space exploration.  He and I have literally grown up in the age of being able to get out into the universe to explore it and not just sit here at home.  So that was a cool perspective, full of knowledge that I did not possess. 
So take some time and learn a bit about what the future might hold for our beautiful home planet.

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