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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rogue One (2016)

I have to admit to a bit of Star Wars fatigue over the years, even though I loved the original three when they came out back in my youth.  This version seems like something that you either love or you hate.  The first point is that this is a much more culturally diverse crew of good guys than is typical.  The alien life forms were what amounted to diversity in a number of episodes, whereas here there is all sorts of human diversity.  The other is that the heroine is a woman.  She is both brave and smart and essential to the success of the plan to thwart the bad guys and sink the Death Star.  Finally, the movie is not adverse to losing some of the good guys.  There is less of an eye towards the next movie and more of a story about people who make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good.
Then there are all the things that make this a Star Wars movie.  The epic space battles are well conceived and executed.  The Oscar nominations for this movie were for sound mixing and visual effects, both of which were won by other movies, but the nomination was well deserved in each category.  This is a must see adventure movie, and a nice trend in the genre.

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