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Friday, May 26, 2017

Street Food in Shanghai

Dumplings, really good dumplings, with tender yet chewy exteriors and well balanced spices and flavors on the inside are something that I adore.  I had dumplings almost every day that I was in China recently, but I saw far more of them than I ate, and you really have to love a place where that can happen.
Street food in general is very prevalent in Shanghai, as are street markets, and even housed markets have options spilling out onto the street.  It is very apparent that food is important to the Chinese, and not just in the getting nourishment sense of the word.  They treasure good food, and they produce an awful lot of it.  My recommendation is to be a little bit daring about eating if you chance upon a visit to China, to completely avoid anything that is not regional Chinese cooking while there, and to really immerse yourself in what the country's cuisine has to offer.

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