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Monday, May 11, 2015

First Night (2010)

The movie is about the staging a=of an opera and the story line is right out of that genre.  Somewhere between a Shakespearean farce and an opera libretto.  Complete with lots of singing to make it all the more believable.  Or not.  I think that the segment of the population that loves opera will be the only ones who do not find the plot believable--but then, that is the backdrop of the movie and in a lot of ways the opera the cast is performing, Bach's "Cosi Fan Tutte", and the back story of the movie go hand in hand. 

There is a love affair gone bad, there is a love affair gone cold, there is the possibility of new love and there are love affairs that will never happen, there are hearts broken.  The cast and their shenanigans on and off stage cover a lot of love's ground, and there is no shortage of drama to keep the pot stirred.  I streamed it on Netflix and found it to be quite enjoyable for an evening of diversion, and if I loved opera I might have liked it even more.

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