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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sweetie Pie's, St. Louis

 Robbie is the woman pictured at right.  She was a back up singer for Ike and Tina Turner, and now she has a soul food restaurant in St. Louis, cooking the food that she grew up with.  I went with a large crowd of people who I am doing a leadership training with, and it was definitely like stepping into Southern Cooking.

The restaurant is a buffet line, where you choose your meat, you choose your side (do not skip the fried chicken and the macaroni and cheese), you decide if you can skip the peach cobbler, and then you go to a table and enjoy it all.
As I was leaving the restaurant I had the best interaction that I had the entire week I was in St. Louis.  The security guard at the door said "you look like you are having a good time.  What's your name?".  "Catherine", I replied.  "Well, Miss Catherine, what do you do?  Are you a teacher?"  "Yes I am a teacher."  "Well you go on enjoying life like you do."  Why thank you sir.  I will try.

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