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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

I am not new to the parenting game.  I tell you, this is not my first Mother’s Day by any means.  I have been a parent for over 26 years. Another way to look at it is that  I have 82 child years of experience parenting my own children. Not to mention that I like to think that I have played a role in the lives of many other children over the course of my life.  So while I am not big on a day to celebrate motherhood beyond my spouse thanking me for co-parenting our children (which I definitely deserve credit for), I do like to spend a little time reflecting on the experience.  I may not have done the best job, but I have definitely earned it.

The best of it is that there is so much activity in my life that I can barely manage it all.  
The least of it all is how exhausting it is.  I have an acquaintance from college who is not remarkably younger than I am who recently had twins.  While others were very justifiably congratulation him, I was sighing deeply.  No way.  It is not the whole going back to a child in diapers that made me so weary.  I think that is tiring, but in the early years the children go to bed at an early enough time to allow the parents some time to themselves.  What I couldn't imagine is doing what I am doing right now in 20 years.  I can barely do it now, and my plan is not to think I will have more energy in the future than I do right now.  So thank you my children for wearing me out and teaching me the wonders of the 21st century and keeping me thinking and reading and listening to new music.  I find it all wonderful, if a bit tiring.  Happy Mothers Day to all those who are mothers or have one.  It is quite a job.

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