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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fitbit and Walking the Serengeti

Ok, I have not actually walked the Serengeti.  But I have walked the 500 miles that would represent walking from the top to the bottom of the Serengeti since I started using my Fitbit.  That would be a very silly thing to do.  The last time I was in the Serengeti it was very clear that I was not high enough up on the food chain to survive such a walk.

I decided to participate in a Fitbit study.  It seemed like such a great deal.  In exchange for giving them my blood and my ongoing activity information, I got to try the device.  One of my challenges with a device is that there is a learning curve to optimally using it, and that was overcome immediately.  The friendly study personnel set up my Fitbit and made sure I knew how all the features before I left with my device.

Prior to entering the study I had gotten back on the exercise bandwagon, but what I did not realize is that on days that I did not exercise for an hour I was very unlikely to achieve my baseline goal of 10,000 in a day, unless I was on vacation and walking a lot.  My job is very sedentary and even though I have a standing desk, my daytime activity is shockingly low.  I love my Fitbit—I faithfully meet my baseline goals except on very rare occasions, and I will be using it when the study I am in ends.

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