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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Travelling Shoes

One of my Facebook friends asked the question about how you travel, heavy or light, and I responded at length.  I definitely have an opinion on that one.  I am of the mind that less is better when it comes to travel. I have felt that way for a long time, but now that the airplanes are small, and the overhead bins are even smaller, if you don’t keep it small, you have to gate check.  Since planes are often not on time and connecting gates are rarely near each other, so the ability to get from one flight to another may depend on your ability to pack lightly. The other thing is the ability to catch an earlier flight.  If you have a checked bag, that is not an option, and I am all about making the most of your travel options.

So what do I pack?  As one respondent said, the problem is shoes and books.  I solve that by having a comfortable pair of shoes that is presentable and at most one additional pair.  If one of the pairs is bulky, that is the one that goes on the plane.  If I am going for a week, then I limit myself to e-books.  My travel wardrobe is lightweight and interchangeable.  I have a travel backpack that has all the items that you might forget at home; things like sunscreen, analgesia, spare glasses and small bills to tip valets.  I can make do with what I have, but don’t forget the socks and underwear!

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