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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Managing Your Dreams

I worked temporarily with a group of people for several months that had an identifiable impact on me.  We all worked remotely, meaning that we get up in the morning and stay home.  My predominant office space for that four month period of time was my cellphone and my computer.  I lived on Lync with shared desktops and my cell phone on both speaker and mute.  So it was not exactly a social work place at first glance.

The quality of my workplace during that time was remarkably good.  That is related to my supervisor at the time and the atmosphere she created.  She was phenomenal on many levels, but one of the things we did in our group is a professional development curriculum that we develop and teach each other.  The one book that we read that has stuck with me is The Dream Manager.  It is a slim book that is a guide towards planning your future based on what is important to you personally.  I found some interesting things about myself by going through the process of looking at my dreams.  One is that my adventure column was enormous.  There are still lots of places that I want to visit in the world, and quite a few I want to go back to.  My spiritual dreams are very limited.  I hadn’t even thought of what I want my legacy to be, even though I only have 10-15 years left to work.    I have some serious dream managing to do, it turns out.  The good news is that now I have a list, I am checking it regularly and I am making some progress towards fixing some of all that.

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