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Friday, May 8, 2015

Save the Date (2014)

This movie takes place in Manhattan, and other than the enormous size of apartments that artists are able to afford being completely unbelievable in size, it is a New York movie.  Sisters are dating band mates, but that is where their similarity ends.  One sister is getting married, and she is pretty stereotypically wrapped up in herself and her experience.  She wants everyone’s world to revolve around her wedding.  The other sister gets completely spooked when she moves in with her boyfriend and breaks up with him when he asks her to marry him.  She then becomes involved with another man, who is all too clear that he is the rebound relationship but since he has been sitting on the sidelines for a long time, he enters the relationship with his eyes wide open.

Then the world turns upside down.  The relationship avoidant sister becomes unexpectedly pregnant.  From that point forward, that is in the background of every interaction that she has.  It is a fun diverting movie on the theme of marriage, relationships, should you really have a blow out wedding or should you focus on what is important?  You choose.

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