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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Misery Loves Co., Winooski, Vermont

 This is a great restaurant, nestled into a small town just outside Burlington.  My spouse read about it on Chowhound and we started off there with a lunch.  The food is incredibly good, each and every dish a taste sensation.  We shared everything and while we were more than full at the end of the meal, we really hadn't had enough.  What to do?  We went back for dinner the next day and it was even better.  One word of warning.  This is the best fried chicken, but when you order it off the dinner menu, you get half the bird.  The neck, the back, the whole thing, piled up on a plate too enormous for one person, and a struggle for two. 
So if you want to give the menu a chance, skip that (or go with more people).  Order  a number of the smaller plates.  The pasta with ramps was phenomenal.  Light pasta, perfectly cooked, spring green in color, just delicious. It had pig cheeks in it and it did not need them (and we are not a couple to turn a good pig cheek down, I am telling you right now).  This is a place to seek out, and to eat at again and again.

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