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Monday, May 4, 2015

Recycled Mittens

I have two pairs of mittens that I really love that are both made from recycled knitwear that has been felted and then repurposed into gloves.  I love this concept on so many levels.  The first is reusing things.  I have several sweaters that no longer fit or have gone way way out of fashion (think those puffy sleeves that were really lovely in the late 1980’s), but are made of quality materials.  Instead of throwing them away, they can go to something new that is both functional and beautiful.  The other is that handmade things support artisans.  The maker of my gloves is doing something that is creative.  They are able to do work that is personal.  I love putting something on that I have made myself, but second best is making something that someone else has made.

So two things I learned from buying these mittens.  The first is that they are as functional as they are beautiful.  The second is that I definitely need to learn more about felting.  Such a cool technique!

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