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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Take Care (2014)

This is a funny sort of romantic comedy.  Frannie was hit by a car and she has an arm and a leg immobilizer.  She is one handed and she can’t walk.  She lives in a fourth floor walk up in Manhattan, so getting her in and out of her apartment is a large enough obstacle that she will be essentially home bound until her injuries heal.  She needs morning, noon, and night care, and there is no one in her life who can provide that for her.  She hits upon a solution that is odd.  She nursed her former boyfriend, Devon, for two years of chemotherapy and surgical treatment for a cancer.  She lost her job, and in the end, she lost him as well.  She is angry, very angry about him leaving her, even though years have passed.  So what does she want?  She wants him to take care of her.  She has him over, she lays it out for him, and after a number of protests he agrees to take care of her. 

The thing that is interesting to me is the emotional component of life threatening illness.  Devon is not over it.  His emotional response to his cancer is very common and fairly destructive.  Cancer is the gift that keeps on giving.  What you don’t deal with emotionally comes back to haunt you, and this movie portrays that aspect reasonably well.

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