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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rosca de Reyes

The ring-shaped Rosca de Reyes is a sweet round, cake or oval shape Mexican bread, decorated with slices of crystallized or candied fruit colors. The King cake is also called: biscuit, cake or sweet bread to celebrate the three kings.  Yes, it is June and we are well removed from the twelve days after Christmas , but I am remembering this fondly from my January trip to Oaxaca.

The tradition of holding the reunion to celebrate the Day of the Epiphany comes from the middle ages in Europe, mainly from Spain and France. This tradition came to Mexico at the time of the early years of the viceroys.  The rosca de reyes is eaten with family and friends while sipping the famous hot chocolate from the region.  One or sometimes two lucky winners will bite into a small plastic baby, meant to represent the baby Jesus.  Unlike a typical winner, the one who finds the prize in this case has to bear the cost of the party.  So best to eat it one very thin piece at a time.

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