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Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Royal Night Out (2014)

On one level this movie is cute and charming, and on another it is sad, and on a third it is downright irritating.  It is a movie that revolves around a true event.  When peace was declared at the end of WWII, Elizabeth and her sister are let out of the palace for one night and one night only.  While they are on an adventure that takes them through all sorts of socioeconomic classes and all sorts of experiences, the bottom line is that Elizabeth did this on a one time basis (or so the legend goes).  She is depicted as smart, kind, charming, and all about doing the dutiful thing for god and country, she is also quite unappealing in that the outside world held so little interest for her that she failed to enter it again unless she was absolutely the queen.  Nothing else would do, and that just doesn't seem like a great life.  The movie does immerse the viewer in a particular time and place, as well as with a person, and that is all very interesting.  It is streaming on Netflix and certainly worth a watch if you are an Anglophile.

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