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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Green Dirt Farm Creamery, Weston, Missouri

Green Dirt Farm has gotten some wonderful press.  The most recent article is from the Wall Street Journal this week, and while it highlights more of the sheep’s milk cheese that the farm produces than most articles do, it is one in a long stream of press that describe this remarkably wonderful cheese.  Unfortunately, despite the press, there are many challenges in getting the cheese into the hands of appreciative consumers, and so the opening of a creamery in Weston, where the farm resides and the cheese is produced is one of the latest efforts to increase their visibility.  The sandwiches at this shop are wonderful, especially the grilled cheese!  And to make things even better, the ice cream is absolutely the best.  It is well worth a trip to try the cheese, and there is a wine room from Vox Vinyards to try local wines as well.

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