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Friday, October 14, 2016

Pho All Seasons, Des Moines, IA

 This is the best Vietnamese food that I have had in Des Moines.  I am still finding my way with Vietnamese food, mostly because there is a lot about it that is a little too meaty.  I love the abundance of vegetables in the cuisine, but there is an equal part that includes organ meat and sinew and fat that I am trying to figure out a way around.  I am sure that I will get there, and the journey has been fun.  This is a place that I would definitely stop at again.
The bahn mi is excellent.  This is the litmus test for a Vietnamese place, and Pho All Seasons passed with flying colors.  The sandwich comes in wide variety of meats, and that is always a good sign.  We got the traditional pork filling and it was very good.  Fresh bread, liver pate, and a good balance of heat with slices of jalapenos, herbal with the cilantro, and sour with the carrot and daikon pickled vegetables. The spring rolls were also excellent and come with a number of flavored meat fillings.  The dumplings were good as were the egg rolls.

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