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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quilt Week: Bright Modern Abstract

This is a quilt that has some elements of the two quilt classes that I took when I was at quilt week.  One was not having an exact pattern and getting to cut out in a somewhat controlled but still random way, so that there is a sense of order and a sense of chaos all in one quilt.
I love the bright colors in this quilt, which is something that I do not often for for in my design elements, but I really like in this quilt.  I bought a number of 1/2 yard lengths of fabric while I was there (it is impossible to leave quilt Week without fabric, that is just a given.  Please do not distract me with details about how much fabric I have at home.  I know that).  So I am really well equipped to make something like this.  Once I finish the other projects that I have in progress, that is!

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