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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Timer (2009)

Really, the best thing about this movie is that it is a light romantic comedy that is streaming on
Netflix.  It is accessible in every sense of the word.  The story is an unusual one.  It is in the near future and everyone has the option of getting a timer, which alerts them to how long it will be until they meet their true love.  This is something that is supremely unattractive to me, and at the same time something that I think is literally impossible to do.  The things that life throws at you make a difference in the quality and quantity of relationships that one has.  In the eye of 'Timer', there is one true person for you, and you have to wait for that person--then you find them, through the miracle of your timer going off, and then it is very awkward because while you now know this is your life love, you don't know the at all.  So it is kind of like an arranged marriage.   Weird.  Despite all this, I enjoyed the movie and the tensions that it created around themes of love.

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