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Monday, October 17, 2016

Chemotherapy Blues: A Mild Case

Can I take a moment and feel a bit sorry for myself?  I have been getting chemotherapy on a regular basis for a year. A year is a very long time when you are getting cytotoxic agents on a regular basis.
The good news is that I finished up 5+ months of what for me was fairly intense chemotherapy in the spring.  I had a handful of unplanned hospitalizations that added up to about an extra month in the hospital, and I lost a lot of strength and the ability to do much more than the bare minimum during that time.  So I had a small life during that time that included my house, my family, and a few friends.  When that was over, at the recommendation of my oncologist, I began a year of maintenance chemotherapy with Lamparza and Taxol, and today was my 9th treatment.  It is so much better than what I was doing before, but the side effects, while much subtler and easier to tolerate, are just a bit much of a muchness.
 Why?  There are a number of things going on, and while I have managed to not have the peripheral neuropathy that plagues many who get lots of Taxol, I have this, that, and now I have the other thing, and before you know it, it all adds up.  Boo hoo.
What to do?  When the going gets tough, the modestly blue woman takes a trip. not this week, but pretty soon.  And I am postponing my next chemo until I get back (I was going to do it two days before I left and then take the oral agent while I was gone, but I am boldly putting it all off until I get back).  I think that will do the trick for me, but I definitely get why people who get chemotherapy longitudinally tire of it.  It beats the alternative, but it is no walk in the park.

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