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Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy New Year

I has been a difficult year for me, but that is no reason to not celebrate the new year.  I have had major abdominal surgery,  been on chemotherapy almost the entire year, and I have been unexpectedly hospitalized on more than one occasion this past year.  On the traditional calendar, I had met my deductible for the year within the first few days, because I was in the ICU and those bills add up quickly.  No more niggling copayments.  Come in for a liter of fluids?  Not a problem.  Not that I would hunt for bargain basement prices for my healthcare, but it is indicative of the seriousness of the situation.
So what is there to celebrate?  Thankfully quite a lot.  One thing about being seriously ill is that I was the recipient of hundreds of acts of kindness.  I spoke early on with a woman who was a couple of years ahead of me in the ovarian cancer maze, and she told me how much the cards she received meant to her going forward, so I saved them all in a box for future inspiration.  I received lots of beautiful things that were helpful to me in terms of spirit, as well as being actually useful.  It was humbling and heart warming, and I am looking forward to what I can do this year to reciprocate some of the wonderfulness that I got last year.  So celebrate everyone!

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