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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day of Atoning Comes Around Again

It is yet again time to atone for sins.  And to fast.  And to think about life.  This last several months has been so busy for me that I haven't really been able to slow down enough for the high holidays, but as I have sat around a number of different tables with various members of my community, I have definitely had time to think about the things that are good in my life.  I think this election season has unleashed a lot of behavior that leaves a lot to be desired.  I am not at all sure that those folks are seeking atonement, mores the pity.  As is so often the case, those that need it most are least likely to seek it.  I myself am working on my own foibles, and in the absence of making big changes, at least trying to down size my life to what I think are important elements of it.  That, and trying to get to November 8th without losing the friends that I share values with.

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