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Friday, October 28, 2016

Truth (2016)

This is a movie filled with heavy hitting actors, that bills itself as being about Dan Rather, but is really about the 60 Minutes producer that lost her job at the same time that he did as a result of a story that didn't turn out to have as much in the way of bullet proof armor as was required.  It is a cautionary tale about the danger in taking on a sitting president and it is told from that stand point.
The film is a scathing indictment on the state of journalism today, where the process is really secondary.  The film makes the contention that this began with makes the case that this state of journalistic being really got underway with the railroading of Mary Mapes and Dan Rather in 2004, over a  story that purported that then-president-and-candidate George W. Bush not only dodged service in Vietnam, but didn’t serve his duty on the Texas Air National Guard. It was a blockbuster story that literally blew up in the face of CBS when it was revealed that some of the documents used as evidence were not thoroughly verified. The movie makes the case that no one asked if the story was true or not, merely using the furor over the documents as a way to tear down the rest of the piece.  The ongoing problem with journalism and following the truth is certainly evident in the current presidential election, where in the primaries almost all of the Republican candidates for president could not reach the point where 50% of what they said was truthful.  Unbelievable.  But the problem is that it is believed by an undiscerning public.  That is where we stand right now.  Uneducated and no end in sight.

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