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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Flying Mango, Des Moines, Iowa

When I was at Quilt Week in Des Moines my family came over to have dinner with me between the first and second day that I was there.  It was such a treat to have them do that, and it made me feel like I was really on vacation.  The restaurant has a combination of Cajun food and barbecue and we had a mixture of the two at our table.  The thing that we liked the most was the Andouille sausage.  It was flavorful, smoky, and not too spicy.  The texture and the flavor were perfect, and that is what I would order next time, with a side order of corn bread and red beans and rice.  The salad that we had before dinner was very good, and the rest of it was good (which included the brisket, the ribs, and the chicken wings).  I had the potato of the day and my spouse had the grits of the day, and they were both excellent.  All in all, a very good choice.

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