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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Take Me Home (2016)

This is a fun film to watch when you want something light but not too light.  It is streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime (so you can download it to your tablet for travel ease).  This movie follows the script for a road trip movie with a dash of romantic comedy thrown in.  Pop the popcorn and sit back for a movie where you know what to expect. 
There is an almost invariable formula to the road movie. The protagonists must travel a great distance in an impossibly short amount of time. For some reason, early on, everyone runs out of money and only realizes it at an inopportune moment, forcing the travelers to devise hare-brained schemes to fund their odyssey. At some point, their source of transportation fails, leading them from their preferred method of transport into something altogether different, and potentially perilous. And if the movie stars a man and a woman, you can bet that even if they initially despise each other or if one of them is currently romantically involved, they're going to hook up eventually.  This movie follows that exactly, but because the man and the woman, Tom and Claire in this case, are both in their mid-thirties, there is something bittersweet in their demeanor and the complications are more substantial than a younger couple would face.  Life is complicated, and yet there is still an opportunity to change it for the better.

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