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Monday, October 31, 2016

Have a Prideful Hallowe'en

It has been a difficult year for tolerance of any sort and the widespread emergence of transgendered people coming out and their incredibly varied reception depending on the geographical location has me thinking that on this day, the one day of the year when lots of people cross dress, that it is a good time to think about our culture shift.
I think that the bottom line is that change is difficult and when change happens that is out of step with one's personal beliefs then it is very disturbing, maybe even unmooring, and that is the underpinning of the recent rise in popularity of someone who does not follow the social norms.  I personally want to go back to a time when open it was not ok to talk openly about homophobia, racist viewpoints, misogyny, and the opinion that women are asking for it.  Enough already.  I can tell from the jokes you tell and the things that you say in polite conversation that you do not share my world view.  I do not need to get into a conversation with you about how "law and order" is code for racial profiling and that focusing on Hillary Clinton's email when virtually every other government official has done exactly the same thing does reveal a gender bias (unless you have been pained by the misuse of email for all other government officials and are working diligently to lobby for reform).  We don't share values, but we can work side by side, just so long as you don't tell me that violating people's civil rights is ok or that you are voting for some wing nut who threatens democracy.  Keep that to yourself, and try to dig more deeply into what your personal biases are.  We all have them.  Denying them doesn't make it go away. 
Seriously, figure out why you want are amused by cross-dressing, at least today.  Oh, and Happy Hallowe'en. 

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